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Showing posts from December, 2003
This is for my bro, though in foreign lands his melancholic warm heart is always irradiating heat all over here.

Two of Us
by Lennon & McCartney, in case someone wonder

Two of us riding nowhere
Spending someone's
Hard earned pay
Two of us Sunday driving
Not arriving
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

Two of us sending postcards
Writing letters
On my wall
You and me burning matches
Lifting latches
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

You and I have memories
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead

Two of us wearing raincoats
Standing so low
In the sun
You and me chasing paper
Getting nowhere
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home

We're going home
Better believe it.

Merry X-mass mate.
Del album Upstairs At Erics
Llegando a ninguna parte envuelto por el invierno que se anuncia temprano.
Cuando uno es demasiado cruel para sí mismo.

Winter Kills
Green in your love on bright days
You grew sunblind you thought me unkind
To remind you how winter kills
Lost in daydreams you drove too fast and got nowhere
You rode on half fare when you got too scared
How winter kills
Tear at me searching for weaker seams
Pain in your eyes makes me cruel
Makes me spiteful tears are delightful welcome your nightfall
How winter kills
I'm Not Sure What Happiness Means
But I Look In Your Eyes
And I Know That It Isn't There
We Tried, We Failed
We Tried And We Failed

by The Smiths.
En estos días finisemestrales,anuales y mensuales, en donde de repente el cosmos nos da sorpresas, habría de encontrar el tiempo.

Mystic River. Tragedia contemporánea in full effect. Must see,must watch, must listen...

Aléjese de aquellas críticas (no análisis) en donde se advierta el uso del adjetivo shakespereano ¡óooooorale! empleado por those consumated shakespearists cuyos estudios al respecto no sólo incluyen the following:
Sepan cuantos, Las obras completas de William Shakespeare,Kenneth Branaghfilms (incluyendo su papel de Gilderoy Lockhart en la última de Harry Potter) sino alguna que otra daring exploration en interné.

"Creo por separado en la voluntad y en el destino, pero no creo en la voluntad y en el destino juntos."
J. Koudelka

"I've been dreaming a life outside of a dream in dreams..."
Miss I