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Noches de marzo 18

Well, she returned with her ex...nevermind; I can wait. In time!!! :)
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Noches de marzo 15

Noche con mis hermanitos. Siblings 4 ever!!!

Noches de marzo 13.7

The things I'm dying to tell the daydream and that I really wish (think) she'd love to tell me:
"It's not too soon, he said, it's not too soon at all
And you might as well be dead, he said
If you're afraid to fall, I said"
Throwing Muses

Noches de marzo 13.6

The things the daydream and I told each other this time around:
"Done your time, been in your place
I couldn't look you in the face
and tell you that it turns me on
it makes my stomach turn
I know, I know her"
Throwing Muses